Our Vision

To create the infrastructure for crypto capital markets

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the crypto trading community with a full regulated exchange offering significant benefits unseen anywhere else within just one crypto trading platform.

Third Parties

Crypto assets deposited to Crix are stored in multisignature hot wallets or called wallets provided by BitGo

BlockFills provides liquidity in various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies

Blockwise is a blockchain software development company which delivers all the software operated by Crix

Cryzen provides the platform for algo trading which includes strategy backtesting, optimization and deployment capabilities

Grant Thornton Malta is helping Crix with compliance and regulatory approvals in Malta

Yoti is the UK leading identity management provider helping Crix with client onboarding, KYC and AML compliance

Wolfe Miglio is one of the world’s first cryptocurrency dedicated law firms, focusing the entirety of its practice to the cryptocurrency aspects of fintech, intellectual property and securities law since 2017.